Writer’s Commentary from Paul Cornell for Vampirella #6

Bleeding Cool has posted another writer’s commentary from Paul Cornell, this time for Vampirella #6. Not too much to learn here, but it’s still interesting to read the writer’s thoughts. I had mentioned in my review for this issue that I was finally feeling some optimism and anticipation for the next issue because of how this one ended. However, Cornell’s comment that this issue was “an attempt by me to do something fun on the way out of the title,” makes me feel like this short, two issue arc may be of the filler variety, thus nothing to get excited about as it relates to future arcs. I say that based on this comment along with the fact that he was originally only going to be on the title for five issues, but Dynamite asked him to stay on for two more. Kind of makes it sound like Dynamite needed to give the incoming creative team time to get things together. Just mindless speculation here, but something to chew on.

I’ll leave you with one other quote from the commentary that was interesting. Cornell actually posted about this on his blog last week, but I never got around to mentioning it here.

Page 21:
Panel 3 here features the worst mistake I’ve ever made writing a comic. I offhandedly insisted that “No, we’re on the right draft,” when Matt questioned that line about “lots of different versions of yourself,” because we’d actually decided to answer that question in the previous issue, and the missing memories Vampirella is now wondering about are those about why she was entombed. The mistake was entirely mine, we’ll change the balloon in the trade, and I can only reassure you that the next issue makes sense entirely, and doesn’t continue with that balloon’s version of events. I’m embarrassed about this, and heartily apologize.

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