Will We Get Legenderry: Vampirella Volume 2?

You may have seen that Dynamite is reviving its steampunk series Legenderry in the form of a Red Sonja mini series. This will be the second Red Sonja series published from the Legenderry world. The original series was penned by Bill Willingham with several characters getting solo mini series.

I personally enjoyed this series quite a bit, though I never read the Red Sonja one. I’m wondering if Red Sonja will be the only character getting a second volume or if we may see others. I’d love to see another Vampirella series, maybe with David Avallone returning to write it again. I think he’s really good writer and I liked what he did with Vampirella. 

I haven’t heard anything about Dynamite’s plans for this, so it’s mere speculation on my part, but it would seem a bit strange if none of the other characters were revived. If I can get any more information, I’ll be sure to post an update.

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