Will There Be a New Statue For the 50th Anniversary?

This post is purely speculative, but I’d like to talk about the possibility of a new Vampirella statue for the 50th anniversary year.

I’m pretty sure this will happen. It just makes sense, and if you look at what’s been done with Red Sonja, Jungle Girl and Dejah Thoris recently I think it’s likely that Dynamite will use a similar model for Vampirella. By that, I mean a Kickstarter campaign for the statue. They’ve already launched a trading card campaign which mirrors one they recently did for Red Sonja. Dejah Thoris, Jungle Girl, Bettie Page, and Red Sonja all have had statue Kickstarters so I’d say it’s all but certain we’ll get one for Vampirella.

The next question would be “which artist’s work will it be based on?” So far they’ve featured J. Scott Campbell (Dejah Thoris, Jungle Girl), Terry Dodson (Bettie Page), and Amanda Conner (Red Sonja). All three artists have drawn Vampirella so they are possibilities, but we got a J. Scott Campbell statue a few years ago so I think it would be better to use a different artist. I love Amanda Conner and Terry Dodson’s Vampirellas but for the 50th anniversary I think they should go back further in Vampirella’s history and use the art of a Warren artist. The obvious choice would be José Gonzalez but Enric would also be an intriguing choice. There are plenty of classic panels and pinups in Gonzalez’s oeuvre to choose from and just about any Enric cover would make for an excellent shelf piece.

What artist’s work would you most like to see a Vampirella statue based on?


  1. Never ever earlier struck my mind. This is the first time that it is popping up in mind.
    Different Authors and Artists have created various versions of Vampirella, with our prominent Warren, Harris, and Dynamite saga.
    1st thing I want to know is the GENERIC physical attributes like height, weight, age(as per timeline), skin tone, etc of Vampirella which when an old reader if ever comes across can think of when he/she reads. e.g. 2000 AD Rebellion’s Judge Dredd has a timeline starting from 2099 to 2135 where the reader can assume the capacity, looks, and personality of that character in those time (though the author can surprise any time).
    2nd thing is .. it may be a difficult and bogus thing for you to scramble your head, but can you put the individual authors and artists thoughts for Vampi’s physical features??
    like for 1. X author and Y artist = Vampi is 7 feet tall, 60 kg weight and so on
    2. P author and Q artist = Vampi is 6 feet tall, 56 kg weight and so on

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