What Could the Red Sonja Movie Mean for Vampirella?

You may have seen over the weekend that Deadline.com reported that Millennium Media will finance and produce a new Red Sonja movie. According to the article, the project is being fast-tracked to try to capitalize on what they see as an eagerness on the part of movie-goers for female heroes. They cite the success of Wonder Woman for this. Red Sonja previously appeared in the 1985 film Red Sonja starring Brigitte Nielson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The article also mentions that Red Sonja’s rights holder, Luke Lieberman, will be a producer on the movie. I always thought Dynamite owned the character outright, but maybe they just hold a license for comic books. So I’m not sure how much, if any, influence they would have on the film.

Although the two characters don’t have any real connection, I’ve always thought Red Sonja and Vampirella had a lot in common and probably had a lot of overlap in their fanbases. So naturally, I immediately started thinking about how viable a new Vampirella film could be. As you probably know, Talisa Soto starred as Vampirella in the 1996 movie Vampirella.  Both it and the Red Sonja movie were bombs and critically panned. They’re both far from great, but I think they are both better than their reputation suggests. I think both characters could do well on the big screen if it’s done right. Unfortunately, I doubt that Vampirella would be done right if produced today. I think we would probably get something more akin to the comics we’ve seen lately. A movie that tries to neuter the character and shoe-horn it to fit some audience demographic that they want to reach. If that’s the case, then I’d rather not see it even attempted. If they stayed true to the blueprint laid out by the Warren creators and some of the modern Harris and Dynamite stuff, I think it could be a good film. Vampirella being the niche character that she is, I don’t think you’d ever see a blockbuster, but it could definitely be a respectable movie that would please fans of the character.

So if someone would have the guts to do it right, I would love to see it. If they’re too scared, let’s just skip it. It will be very interesting to see how Red Sonja is approached and how it turns out in the end. Who knows, maybe it could open the door for Vampirella.


  1. I would take a real genius with money to lose to make a truly accurate Vampirella movie. First of all, the costume itself means a difficult time getting a talented and body confident sexy actress in the lead role. Secondly, I don’t know what type of a audience it would really have. We love Vampirella but most of the world has never heard of her.

    In my opinion you would need Quentin Tarantino to write and direct the movie. People would come to see the movie just because it’s his work. He definitely has the balls and imagination to take Vampirella from what would be a B movie to a feature film. He’s never been afraid of sex and violence. Plus I imagine he has actresses and actors begging to be in his films.

    I can’t see Tarantino keeping her in the classic costume for the entire movie, but I can see him running her through the classic costume to bikinis, evening dresses and skin-tight costumes throughout the movie. Which in my opinion would be fine. Maybe a horror/James Bond type of combination.

    It would be fun to see a top shelf movie made, but wow it would be difficult to get the perfect combination of people together to get it done. Great topic.

    • I don’t think the costume would have to have a ton of screen time. If it were an origin story, it should appear on Drakulon. For the bulk of the Earth scenes they could do something different. Maybe use the overcoat that she often wore in the 70’s/80’s. Red Sonja’s attire presents a similar challenge on screen so it will be interesting to see what they do. Her 1985 movie featured completely different clothing. The Vampirella movie was actually more comic book accurate in that department than Red Sonja.

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