Vampirella Statue Delayed? Of Course.

It looks like the new Vampirella statue from Mamegyorai has been delayed. It was originally supposed to be released April 25, 2018, but that date has come and gone with no statue. Amazon now has the release date listed as June 27, 2018. has it listed as a May release. So who really knows?

What is it with these statue manufacturers? These things are forever getting delayed. I’m not a huge statue collector, I mostly just collect Superman and Vampirella stuff, but of the companies I’m very familiar with, DC Collectibles is about the only one that can hit their solicited release dates. The companies must do this on purpose. It happens all the time, so they have to know going in that the statues won’t be released on time or at least that it’s highly unlikely. Pretty frustrating for fans who drop some pretty serious coin on these preorders only to have the carrot yanked away when the release date finally arrives.

This statue being delayed particularly annoying for me. I preordered it from certain online retailer who I’ve since noticed seems to have a serious problem getting newly released items in stock. They’ll be widely available online, but this retailer won’t have them in stock for months after they’re released. I can’t figure out what the deal is with that. Hopefully that won’t happen with this one, but I’m afraid if this is released in June, I might have to still wait who-knows-how-long to get it. I really wanted to be able to review it shortly after it’s released, but I may just be stuck having to wait.

Hey Dynamite, sure you don’t want to comp me one for a review? 😉

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