Vampirella/Red Sonja In September

Last week Dynamite announced a Vampirella/Red Sonja title coming in September from writer Jordie Bellaire and artist Drew Moss. This is a series that is long overdue. Dynamite has always done a lot of team-up/crossover mini series with their characters and even characters from other companies. Red Sonja and Vampirella always seemed like a no brainer to me. They are Dynamite’s two biggest characters and I think there is probably a lot of overlap in the two fanbases. Yes, they’ve crossed paths before in Prophecy, Swords of Sorrow, and most recently the crossover with Betty and Veronica, but we’ve never gotten to see a straight-up Vampi-Sonja team-up.

I have to think Dynamite has been holding this one back for a while in anticipation for the 50th anniversary of Vampirella. What other explanation could there be for not doing this sooner? Interestingly, this book is described as an ongoing title, not a mini series. So this may be more along the lines of ongoing titles like Superman/Batman or Superman/Wonder Woman from DC, rather than a one-and-done story. I think that’s a great move if that’s indeed what’s going on here. There are way more interesting stories to be told with these two characters than just one.

The series is said to take place at the beginning of Vampirella’s career in 1969. It also features a young Red Sonja who is brought together with Vampi via some sort of time travelling (how else?). Whether intentional or not, this works well with the current Betty and Veronica series where Vampirella and Red Sonja seem very well acquainted with one another.

Dynamite also released a slate of covers for the first issue, one of which is by one of my favorite Vampirella cover artists, Terry Dodson! I hope he does more than just one cover, but I’ll take any I can get! You can check out all of the covers below and read the full news release over at Newsarama.


  1. This is great news.
    We’re gonna be up to our necks in Vampi this year and Tom Sniegoski hasn’t even announced his own series yet.

  2. Interesting that it’s set so early, but as you say that would line up with Vampi and Sonja’s familiarity later on. I’ll be waiting for the trade(s) but I will certainly pick it up!

    • It should be interesting. There’s always some risk when you go back and try to insert stuff into the canon of the Warren years. They kind of did this with the Vampirella/Kiss series which took place in the 1970s. I don’t think it was supposed to be “canon,” but it was certainly awful. I think this will be much better!

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