Vampirella Pins from

I received these three Vampirella enamel pins in the mail over the weekend. These came from, the website run by Frank Frazetta’s daughter and granddaughter. They sell all kinds of products featuring Frazetta’s artwork and of course Vampirella is well represented. The three pins are based the Frazetta artwork in the gallery below. The pins are roughly 2″ in size and feature a mirrored metallic surface against a white painted surface. I’m not sure if there are any plans to release more of these, but I would love to see one based off of the cover from Vampirella #1.

You can buy these and other Vampirella-related merchandise here. The pins are $13.00 each, but you can get the set of all three for $30 (currently sold out at the time of this posting, but I’m sure they’ll restock). They also have several art prints for sale as well as a set of stickers that includes one of Vampirella.

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