Vampirella #2 (Warren)

Let’s talk about Warren’s Vampirella #2. I have a really banged up copy of this one, probably the worst condition of any of my Vampirella magazines.

I mentioned in my post about issue #1 that it took Warren a while to find it’s footing with the Vampirella series. That of course is still the case here, but I think the stories in this issue are an improvement over the first issue. The highlights of the issue are “Montezuma’s Monster,” “Queen of Horror,” and “The Octopus.” Art-wise, Billy Graham’s artwork on “Rhapsody In Red,” shines the brightest. The Vampirella narratives are still in the cartoony/campy and generally awful category, although we are introduced to two members of Vampi’s family – her cousin Evily and her twin sister Draculina. This was the last issue that featured Vampirella as the star of her own stories until the classic issue #8, which is where the Vampirella we know was really born.

The cover was painted by Bill Hughes. It doesn’t feature Vampirella, but I think this is supposed to be Evily from the first story of the issue. It’s a nice cover, but in the context of the entire series it isn’t one of my favorites.

Here’s the 2nd issue at a glance:


Montezuma’s Monster
Down to Earth
Queen of Horror
The Octopus
One, Two, Three
Rhapsody In Red


William Barry
Ernie Colon
Billy Graham
Mike Royer
Jerry Grandenetti
Dick Piscopo
Tony Williamsune


Forrest J. Ackerman
Nicola Cuti
Don Glut
Bill Parente
Michael Rosen


Bill Hughes

Cover price: 50¢




  1. Still a beautiful and sexy cover without Vampirella. Thanks for hitting issue #2 for us. I’m pretty sure your issue #2 condition is better than mine. Tough to find any Vampirella out there anymore for a reasonable price.

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