Top 5 Artists I’d Like To See Draw Vampirella

Vampirella news is pretty slow right now while we wait for Roses for the Dead to kick off, so I thought it might be a good time for some fanboy wishful thinking. We know all about the great artists who’ve drawn Vampirella interiors like Jose Gonzalez, Jose Ortiz, Joe Jusko, Amanda Conner, etc. But what about artists who we haven’t had a chance to see draw a Vampirella book? Here are my top five currently active artists that I’d love to see draw interiors for a Vampirella book. Some of these are highly unlikely to ever happen, but a fan can dream, right?

Carols Gomez – If you haven’t checked out his art on the current Red Sonja series, you should. He’s been killing it on that series in my opinion. I would love to see his work on a Vampirella series. The series is on issue 15 and I’m pretty sure he’s drawn every one of them with no fill-in artists. I find fill-in artists annoying, so that’s just another reason why I think he would make a great Vampirella artist.








Szymon Kudranski – I’m mostly familiar with his work on Spawn and Green Arrow. His work really lends itself well to horror storytelling. It’s been awhile since we had a really intense and dark horror story with art to match. I think Kudranski would be a great artist to bring in for something like that.







Kelley Jones – Another artist who’s work is tailor made for horror comics as you can see in his Batman and Swamp Thing work. He draws his characters in an a horrifyingly exaggerated manner which is pretty frightening. His use of stark contrasts of dark and light just further accentuates the horror vibe in his work.









Stjepan Sejic – He’s recently worked on DC’s Rebirth Aquaman title and I think it’s been some of the best art of all of the DC comics I’ve been reading. He has a realistic painterly style that would be right at home in a Vampirella book.









Kenneth Rocafort – I’ve been a fan of Rocafort’s artwork since he started drawing Superman years ago. I’m not sure how to describe his work as it’s very unique. You can see for yourself from his interpretation of Vampi right here:









Let me know what you think of these artists. Good fits for Vampirella or not? And let me know who you would pick that isn’t on my list!




  1. Agree on Gomez, Sejic and Rocafort. Would personally like to see Frank Cho do a book/series on her as well but I don’t think he quite fits the criteria (think he’s actually done a sketch/image of her already).

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