Tom Sniegoski Returns To Vengeance of Vampirella

Big announcement today from Dynamite. As suspected, there will be a new Vampirella series by longtime writer Tom Sniegoski. Dynamite is resurrecting the Harris Comics series title, Vengeance of Vampirella, from the 90s and Sniegoski will pick up where he left off when his original run ended. To be more precise, it will pick up after the Death and Destruction mini series which was a continuation of Vengeance.

I understand this will essentially be treated like an alternate timeline branching off from Death and Destruction #3. The other branch of the timeline would be Vampirella Lives.

This is a brilliant move by Dynamite, and I’m not just saying that because I suggested the idea of resurrecting the title for a new series back in 2018. Sniegoski’s run on the character, which included several titles, is a high watermark for the character in the post-Warren era. I was excited by the idea of him writing Vampi again already, but finding out that this will be a direct continuation of his 90s work takes it to a different level.

Pairing this series with the Christopher Priest book is a great way to please fans of different tastes. It sounds like Priest will be doing something more unconventional for his series, so having Vengeance added to the lineup brings a nice balance. Of course I’m just speculating here since I’ve read neither comic yet. Either way I’m sure this announcement will be popular with longtime fans. In my experience, most everyone looks on Vengeance of Vampirella fondly.

Joining Sniegoski will be Michael Sta. Maria on art. I wasn’t familiar with his work, but after doing a quick search I can see he is an excellent artist, so this book should be in good hands all around.

Let me know what you think about this news. Did you enjoy Sniegoski’s original run for Harris?


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