The Return of Pantha

If you’ve been paying attention to Dynamite’s solicitations for upcoming Vampirella issues, you may have noticed that a familiar character is going to be making her return. That character of course is Pantha, who we haven’t seen much of recently save for the Swords of Sorrow event. In fact, I’m not sure when was the last time Pantha appeared in an actual Vampirella book. Dark Shadows/Vampirella maybe? Pantha made frequent appearances during the Warren era after her first appearance in Vampirella #30. I highly recommend Warren’s Pantha one-shot that collected the early Pantha stories. If you haven’t read these, definitely try to track this collection down.

One thing that will be interesting when we see Pantha return to the pages of the current series, is how Dynamite will deal with Pantha’s costume, which is usually at least as revealing as Vampirella’s. Will they go with her standard look, or give her the Vampirella treatment? Personally, I would be pretty surprised if they show her in the traditional outfit, but we’ll see soon enough. Either way, it will be good to see one of the older members of Vampirella’s supporting cast make a return.



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