Review: Vengeance of Vampirella #8

The latest issue of Vengeance of Vampirella is quite a strong one from Tom Sniegoski, Michael Sta. Maria, omni Remalante Jr, and Troy Peteri. There are quite a few important reveals and plot turns in this one. I won’t spoil the whole issue here, but there are some spoilers ahead!

The book starts out with Nyx continuing her rebellion against the Chaos Lords before cutting back to the Danse Macabre house that we saw last issue. After fighting back against the forces defending the house, Pendragon sees Sebastian who has apparently returned as some sort of apparition. 

While this is going on we see Vampirella squaring off against the beast that appeared at the end of last issue. His name is Balthazar and he is a servant of Sebastian tasked with defending the house. These pages feature the strongest art in the issue with Sta. Maria contributing some really interesting action panels and a beautiful splash page. Sebastian and Pendragon eventually show up and cooler heads prevail. The four then set out to find Abaddon, who Sebastian claims is the solution to all their problems. 

Meanwhile, there are two other important things that happen on the villain side. We learn of a sort of coup attempt against Nyx going on behind the scenes. We also glimpse a new part of Nyx’s plan. She has something very important to Vampirella…Adam Van Helsing! He is in a fluid filled take with many tubes attached to his body. It isn’t explained here, but I have to assume Adam is being kept alive in there or at least being preserved so that he can later be resuscitated. This is a really big event because it has been a very long since we’ve seen Adam. It will be very interesting if he does indeed return to the land of the living. A great storytelling choice in my opinion.

Definitely pick this book up if you can. If you thought maybe some of the previous issues were a bit slow, you’ll like this one because there is so much going on. It looks like next issue we will learn more about Abaddon. Should be good!

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