Review: Vengeance of Vampirella #6

If you’ve been reading the Vampirella title, you’ll know that the last 2 issues have been a sort of stand-alone story that breaks from the main ongoing narrative of the book. The latest issue of Vengeance of Vampirella offers us a similar break from the goings-on of the first five issues. Here, Tom Sniegoski gives us a nice single-issue tale from Vampirella’s past.

The issue starts off by showing Vampirella still recovering from her wounds sustained in her battle with Hemorhage. She is inside Passion in what appears to be a state of sleep or suspended animation, but her mind is active and thinks back to a past mission for the Danse Macabre. The theme is one familiar to Vampirella readers – her humanity vs her vampire bloodlust. She’s sent to a town in Virginia where a jungle suddenly began to grow and overtake the town. She’s following two Danser agents who were first sent to investigate but have gone missing. She runs into some interesting characters along the way and ends up having to use her monster-nature to eliminate the threat. We then learn that this “special ability” was the reason that Vampirella was recruited for the mission. It’s a simple and concise story and just a really good Vampirella tale. It’s a back-to-basics story for Vampi, even moreso than the main story arc has been so far.

Probably my favorite part of this book was the art which also feels like a throwback. Filling in for series regular Michael Sta. Maria, the art is handled by Roberto Castro. I thought he did a fantastic job with this issue. His art style in general and especially the way he draws Vampirella brings to mind some of the great art from the Warren years for me. Particularly in the way he draws her hair really seems like “classic” Vampirella. Just another in a series of things I’ve found very refreshing since the 50th anniversary relaunch started at Dynamite.

The teaser for the next issue says that Vampirella will begin creating a plan to strike back at Nyx and Chaos by creating a new Danse Macabe. Sounds interesting so be sure to pick it up!

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