Review: Vengeance of Vampirella #5

Tom Sniegoski and Michael Sta. Maria bring us another installment in their Vengeance of Vampirella revival series with issue number five. This issue also features artwork by Justin Mason on pages 2-6. Before I get into reviewing the content of this book I wanted to point out the excellent variant cover by Ben Oliver. I’ve been picking up all of his covers for this series and I think this is my favorite. It’s a close-up portrait of Vampirella wearing a veil over her eyes. Very good work!

The previous issue ended just as Vampirella encounters Hemorrhage for the first time since her resurrection. This issue picks up from there with Hemorrhage attacking Vampirella and the Passion constructs. Pages 2-6, illustrated by Mason, give a quick history of Hemorrhage and his connection to Vampirella. You see this a lot in comics these days where a flashback scene will be drawn by a different artist. Sometimes it works, but in general I prefer to see a single artist draw an entire issue. Here, the art is good, but I’m not sure it suits the subject matter stylistically. Many parts of it are more cartoony and exaggerated which disrupts the flow of the visual narrative for me a bit.

After the flashback, we get into the battle between the two old foes. This takes up the majority of the remaining pages. I won’t spoil it in this review, but I will say I was surprised by Hemorrhage’s fate at the end. What ramifications it has going forward, or if it actually is what it appears, remains to be seen.  The issue ends with Nyx plotting her next move.

Sta. Maria turns in another well drawn issue here. Through five issues his work has been very consistent. I’ve already mentioned in previous reviews that his work suits this particular comic series very well. Each time out he has a few “wow” moments with very nice splash pages and action panels and this issue is no exception.

Issue six is out in a couple of weeks on 3/4/2020, so be sure to pick it up!

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