Review: Vengeance of Vampirella #3

Vengeance of Vampirella #3 arrived on the stands last week and it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss. The whole idea behind this series is to go back to a classic era of Vampirella comics. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, the art, story, tone, etc all fit perfectly with what Tom Sniegoski and company were doing in the 90’s for Harris comics. We get that and more in this issue as I’ll explain below.

The issue opens by reintroducing us to Vampirella villain Hemorrhage. We see that he seems to be missing his old foe as he controls a blood construct of Vampirella. This is important because it was previously hinted that Nyx may have in some way orchestrated Vampirella’s return. As we see later in this issue, this is the common cause that will bring the two villains together.

Vampirella is still in the same uncontrollable state as last issue. I thought this would last a bit longer based on the preview art for issue #4, but Pendragon and Passion are able to reach her and bring her back to reality. Seeing Vampirella back to herself and reunited with Pendragon is a great moment for anyone who’s been following the character for a while. They make a great duo, and I’ve never understood why so many writers chose to neglect them over the years. Sneigoski wastes no time letting them get into some serious action, which is where Michael Sta. Maria’s art excelled the most in this issue.

The issue concludes with the Nyx/Hemorrhage reunion. We’ll have to wait for future issues to find out exactly what they’ll be scheming together, but everything is shaping up for a massive conflict between the two factions.

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