Review: Vengeance of Vampirella #2

With issue 2 of Vengeance of Vampirella, Tom Sniegoski and Michael Sta. Maria build on what they started in the first issue, delivering another satisfying entry in the series. The issue steps back slightly from where it left off in the previous issue. We see again the moment of Vampirella’s resurrection, but this time in a bit more graphic detail.

We quickly find out that this isn’t quite the Vampirella we last met in the Death and Destruction series. This is a Vampirella who struggles to remember who or what she is. She behaves more like a monster than a hero, displaying an uncontrollable blood lust. Although it isn’t explicitly stated, she appears to be in a state similar to what we saw in the Vampirella/Dejah Thoris series when she was starved for blood. This comes to a head near the end of the issue when she first encounters Pendragon/Passion, who she appears to not recognize. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until next issue to see how that all works out.

And speaking of Pendragon and Passion, we get to see a little more of Pendragon’s new abilities, which I think will be a very interesting part of this series going forward. It’s something I was definitely not expecting to see and so far I think it’s been a great idea by Mr. Sniegoski. Pen is now no longer a bumbling old magician, but a force to be reckoned with. An excellent way to bring back an old character in a fresh new way.

Interspersed throughout Vampirella and Pendragon’s ordeals, we get more insight into what Nyx is up do. At two points in this issue it is strongly implied that Vampirella’s return is integral to her plans. It even appears that she herself may have put Pendragon’s resurrection of Vampirella in motion with the help of her minions. This sets up an interesting plot point that you’ll want to pay close attention to going forward.

Sta. Maria keeps up the great level of artwork that we enjoyed in the first issue. His style really feels tailor-made for Vampirella, and every panel looks wonderful in this book. I love that Vampirella has already showed up with her classic trench coat look that she’s had so many times over the years going all the way back to Warren.

According to the next issue’s solicitation, Hemorrhage is slated to make an appearance which should be very interesting. I’m definitely anxious to see what else in store from this excellent and refreshing series.

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