Review: Vampirella Roses for the Dead #3

Dynamite released issue #3 of their mini series Vampirella: Roses for the Dead this past Wednesday, and I definitely think this issue is the best one so far.

After the events of issue #2, I was expecting a confrontation with the main villain in this issue, but that’s not quite how it plays out. Instead, Vampirella and Evily go to visit Vampirella’s florist friend, Parish, who had tipped her off that Blake had bought another rose. They arrive to find that he has captured Blake’s underling, Natalia. Here we get a healthy dose of action before she eventually escapes with the rose. The remainder of the issue deals with Blake. We get to read some of his thoughts and learn just how evil he is. It also appears that Natalia may be something of a victim as well.

The next issue will be the finale, so we’ll get to see how all of this is settled. It should be a great issue, as I think this series has gotten progressively better. Issue 3 was the best yet on pretty much every level – the action/excitement, the dialog, the pacing. Even Joseph Michael Linsner brought his already stellar art up a notch in this one. I also continue to enjoy the inventive wardrobe the Linsners are coming up with for Vampirella when she isn’t in her normal Drakulonian attire.

My only complaint is that I still wish this series could have been more on time with its releases, but so far it’s been worth the wait!


  1. I am waiting for the 4th issue so I can read the whole set. I let my books stackup, it gives me something to do, without breaking continuity of the story…

  2. Vampirella “Roses for the Dead #4” what happened to that book??? I see a Hardcover Graphic novel is already being solicited for the set, but we never saw Vampirella RFTD #4????

    • Not sure what the deal is with that book. If I remember correctly it was originally supposed to come out monthly June-September 2018 (or something along those lines). Instead we’re almost at the one year mark and the last issue hasn’t come out. My LCS’s website has 5/29/19 listed as the release date but I’m not sure how reliable that is.

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