Review: Vampirella/Red Sonja #7

I somehow overlooked this issue in my pile of new comics until coming across it today. So while it’s still fresh in my mind, let’s take a look at the latest from Jordie Bellaire, Drew Moss and Co. In Vampirella/Red Sonja #7.

As I mentioned in my review, the previous issue was kind of confusing to me. This time around it’s much more straight forward. At the end of issue 6, Vampirella and Sonja time jumped again – this time from the Middle Ages to early/mid 20th century America. They find themselves among some mafioso gangster types who want to give them a hard time. Big mistake on their part as the heroines make quick work of them and take their clothes to better fit in (Sonja is wearing her usual while Vampi is still dressed like a nun).

Vampirella finds a note in the gangster’s coat pocket about a meeting with someone named Blue Baby. While heading to investigate this, a talking rat joins them (is there a theme here? We have a talking rat in Christopher Priest’s Vampirella also). We later find out that the rat is possessed by the spirit of the witch that gave Sonja the Generation Stone.

They eventually make it to this Blue Baby’s hideout but it doesn’t work in their favor. Apparently he is after the Generation Stone and he knows Red Sonja has it. He sends a gang of possessed children to take it which they do. Vampirella pursues them and ends up being captured by Blue Baby who kind of looks like a Nosferatu vampire. Apparently the stealing of the Generation Stone was just a trap to lure Vampirella in. So now the question is why does this guy want Vampirella? We’ll have to wait until next issue it seems.

This was a solid issue, much more straightforward and easier to understand than the previous one. I liked the twist at the end with this guy capturing Vampirella. I wasn’t expecting that so it adds a new bit of intrigue as we await issue 8. The art was also good again. I feel like Moss’s art has gotten stronger as the series goes on. Hopefully these trends will continue as the story keeps unfolding. When we’ll see issue 8 is anyone’s guess at this point. I don’t know if Dynamite has made an announcement as to whether they will continue offering digital comics while Diamond is on hiatus, but if they do I’ll be sure to pick it up and be back with another review for you!

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