Review: Vampirella/Red Sonja #1

I just finished reading the first issue of Vampirella/Red Sonja which was released yesterday by Dynamite Comics. I have to say it was nothing like what I expected, but I did enjoy the read. I think writer Jordie Bellaire established an interesting plot and I’m looking forward to seeing where it all leads.

The book takes place during 1969 when Vampirella has only been on Earth a short time. She is apparently a journalist and investigating a case of nine people mysteriously found dead in Russia. She investigates the Russian space program in search of more information and then listens to the theories of a few locals in a bar. It’s after she leaves the bar that she encounters the other title character, Red Sonja, mysteriously out of time. So the first issue leaves us with a few questions to ask that I’m sure will be answered in due time.

Now if you’re thinking this story somehow ties in with Vampirella’s Warren years since it takes place in 1969, not so fast. I don’t know how the story will develop, but it doesn’t appear that this exists in the same continuity as the original Warren stories. While I can’t say that it necessarily contradicts anything from those years, I can say it definitely doesn’t feel like it fits into that timeline. The Kiss/Vampirella series from a few years ago was the same way. I’m not sure what the point is of setting these books in that time period if you’re going to totally disregard what had already been established in the Warren books, but it’s only a minor quibble. I thought maybe this book was intended to be an “alternate timeline/universe” kind of like the Vampirella/Dejah Thoris series where the writer reimagines Vampirella’s past, but on the other hand it has seemed like Dynamite wants to establish a relationship between Vampirella and Red Sonja as part of the canon of both characters (see Red Sonja and Vampirella Meed Betty and Veronica). I’m not sure which way this is all headed on that front, but this issue succeeds regardless.

If you picked up the issue, let me know what you thought about it!

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  1. Loved it. I don’t think this is necessarily going up toe into the Riverdale crossover though … honestly, at least where Sonja’s concerned, Dynamite don’t Seem to worry about continuity. There are signs that the Riverdale series is in the same continuity as the old Prophecy crossover and Amy Chu’s own Sonja run … yet those two are seemingly in different continuities? *shrugs*

    Regardless the new Vampi/Sonja series has vast potential and a super strong creative team behind it. Think of all the possibilities of the pair travelling through time … Vampi fighting side by dude with Vlad Tepes against the Turks? Sonja beating up conquistadors in Mexico? The two trying to assimilate into Louis XIV’s court at Verseilles? So many enticing possibilities

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