Review: Vampirella/Dejah Thoris #4

We’ve arrived at the fourth and next-to-last issue of Vampirella/Dejah Thoris. In the previous issue, Issus offers a deal to Vampirella in which Vampirella must take over the mantle of Issus. She accepts the deal as the issue ends. This issue, however, picks up somewhere else on Mars.

A Drakulonian ship has arrived on Mars and its crew is in a rather violent mood as was Vampirella when she arrived. They slaughter a group of Green Martians before the Red Martians move in and put down the vampires, collecting their bodies for study.

When we return to Vampirella and Dejah Thoris, we find that Vampirella’s acceptace of Issus’ offer was just a ruse, as she rips out the goddess’ throat. Her followers then assume that Vampirella must also be a god and pledge their loyalty to them. So in the end Vampirella does sort of take the place of Issus. With their help, Dejah and Vampirella are able to find out that Dejah’s people are planning to destroy the remaining Drakulonian space ships. They travel to the base of operations and try to convince the Martians not to destroy them, but the issue concludes with Dejah Thoris apparently deciding that her father is right and she initiates the trap which would destroy the ships.

I’m sure Dejah Thoris has a plan and is probably not really intent on destroying Vampirella’s people, but we’ll have to wait until next month to see what that plan really is. One interesting thing in this issue occurs when Vampirella is trying to convince the Martians to let her people live. She mentions that they could try to find another world to go to that would have the resources they need. I believe I mentioned in the review for issue #1, that this story seems to be an alternate history for Vampirella where she has never been to Earth. This statement by Vampirella seems to back that up as it alludes to the fact that they could go to Earth. This is obviously totally different than the way Vampirella came to Earth in the “canon” origin, but I’m interested to see if they go down that path and bring the Vampires to Earth in the next issue.

This was once again and very good installment in this story. I’m a bit sad to see it end in issue 5, but I’m excited to see how everything will be wrapped up.

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