Review: Vampirella #8

I’ve been struggling with how to approach these reviews for a while now. Should I just forget about the fact that this is supposed to be a Vampirella comic and try to review it objectively with no underlying expectations? Or should I review it as a Vampirella fan and within the context of her 50 year history in print? I want to write a positive review, and the only way I could begin to do that is if I take the former approach. But the latter approach feels more honest, and after all, this is a Vampirella site.

So at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to say this just isn’t Vampirella. I wonder if it was a conscious goal of Jeremy Whitley’s (and Paul Cornell’s before him) to make this comic have as little in common with Vampirella of the past as possible. That sounds absurd, but I’m being serious. In every conceivable way they have diverged from what makes Vampirella Vampirella. How could that not be intentional?

As is typical with modern comics and their decompressed storytelling, the story doesn’t really move along much in this issue. I could do with a lot less of Vampirella’s fawning over Vicki. “Oh she’s so cute….God, this girl is adorable…Why do I find her so damn charming?” Ok, I get it, I don’t have to be beat over the head with it constantly. The story suffers because of this. I like that we’re getting some more action into the narrative, but the constant tongue wagging by Vami smothers everything else in my opinion.

So the drum beat goes on and we wait for issue 9 to see where it takes us.


  1. Well at least it takes us closer to the end of this run. I saw the cosplay cover at a local shop and thought “well I love the cover so maybe I will still buy it”. Then I opened it up, looked at the art work and how they have destroyed the beauty of Vampirella and just put it back down. I think your reviews of this blasphemous version of Vampirella are fine. Nothing else you can really do. We can just call it “The Dark Age of Vampirella”.

    Funny thing I have been discovering around my city. The Harris and early Dynamite back issues have gone from a dollar bin book to $3.99. Appears that Dynamite’s old Vampirella readers are spending their money buying the sexy back issues and skipping the new book. Can’t blame them…at least Dynamite not getting their money.

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