Review: Vampirella #7 (SPOILERS)

Seems like it’s been a really long time since issue #6 was released. Not sure what’s up with that, but we now have issue #7.

This issue started out very well, but ended up just pissing me off in the end. I’m probably going to regret writing this review so soon after reading the book without giving myself a “cooling off” period.

We pick up where issue 6 left off with Vampirella encountering other versions of herself. It was good to see classic Vampirella again, but if I understood the explanation correctly, these other Vampirellas were basically absorbed by short-hair Vampirella and have now ceased to exist other than in her mind. I do not like that at all, but this was at least an intriguing read and it was fun to see all of the variations. As these Vampirellas begin to vanish, one of them in the classic costume tells short-hair that she should try wearing it because it’s great at parties. At first I thought that might be foreshadowing that she would return to it, but I think it was more of a belittling, disparaging shot. So, I didn’t like the fact that it felt like they were trying to put the final nail in the coffin of “our” Vampirella, but I was mostly enjoying the narrative.

After this, Vampirella wakes up in a house with Grit and Vicki. This is where they really started losing me. It wasn’t explicitly stated, so please let me know if you interpreted this differently, but…it appears Vampirella is now a lesbian (or bisexual)? It would seem that Vicki is now Vampi’s love interest going forward. The cliffhanger ending with a suicide-bomber zombie detonating himself in their home implies that Vicki is toast, but issue 8’s solicitation spoils that completely. Here’s what it says (emphasis mine):

The perfect jumping on point for anyone who has been curious to try Vampirella! Join brand new creative team Jeremy Whitley and Andy Belanger as Vampi and Vicki emerge into a ruined wasteland that hates Vampirella for the unintended consequences of saving them. This Vampirella story has everything: a new adventure, new romance, and the return of a very old evil.

So, Vicki does survive the explosion and I have to assume the new romance is between her and Vampirella. Seriously. Because of course we need to change Vampirella’s sexuality. She’s had male love interests for 50 years and that’s just long enough of that nonsense. I really hate to continue to rant about this crap after my two-parter on politics/social issues ruining comics, but this is really just ridiculous in my view. The good news is, this is comics and all of this can and should be undone as soon as possible. Call me whatever you want, but I simply do not like making fundamental changes like this to characters with decades of history. If you want a different character, create a new one.

And one other thing – this is actually a terrible jumping on point for someone interested in giving Vampirella a read for the first time. If they like it, they’ll probably seek out back issues and be completely confused.

Very very interested to see what other people thought about this issue.


  1. I didn’t buy this issue and after reading your review ,,,,I am so glad I didn’t!!!!!!!!! This sounds so awful!!!! I’m voting with my hard earned money and won’t buy another vampirella comic until this run is completely over!!!

  2. Thanks Pendragon,
    I did not buy this issue because the Vampirella comics are not coming to Dynamite where I live, but I started to get interested in the character and I’m getting some stuff (I bought the Best of Vampirella Masters Series waiting to get home and I’m getting the issues of Warren by Archive).
    I have no problem if Vampi is “bisexual” as this has a slight relationship with classic vampire stories and Vampirella’s inherent sexuality, but she’s straight lesbian is just wrong, since her relationship with Adam Hellsing (that’s right ?) is a classic canon.
    Thanks for pointing me to the run of Nancy Collins, when I have money I will buy.
    Ah … if possible, make the “essential guide for new readers” because it is very difficult for beginners to know what to read.

    Finally, I was playing with the Comicchorn data and I noticed that Dynamite always had a hard time selling (very) well the character
    Vampirella v1 (classic costume in cover, inner, i don’t know)
    I have not read it yet.
    Vampirella 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 29,215
    Vampirella 2 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 17,531
    Vampirella 3 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 16,366
    Vampirella 35 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 4,949

    Vampirella 37 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 4,724
    Vampirella 38 $4.99 Dynamic Forces 4,758

    Vampirella V2 Nancy A. Collins’ run (classic costume)
    I have not read it yet.
    New Vampirella 1 $3.99 Dynamic Forces 22,864
    New Vampirella 2 $3.99 Dynamite 9,445
    New Vampirella 3 $3.99 Dynamite 8,732
    New Vampirella 4 Dodson Cvr $3.99 Dynamite 8,287
    New Vampirella 5 $3.99 Dynamite 7,784
    New Vampirella 6 $3.99 Dynamite 7,378
    New Vampirella 7 $3.99 Dynamite 7,417
    New Vampirella 8 $3.99 Dynamite 6,715
    New Vampirella 9 $3.99 Dynamite 6,695
    New Vampirella 10 $3.99 Dynamite 6,659
    New Vampirella 11 $3.99 Dynamite 6,352
    New Vampirella 12 $3.99 Dynamite 6,245
    New Vampirella 13 $4.99 Dynamite 6,281

    Vampirella v3 by Kate Leth (“buffy” costume)
    Kate Leah worked with Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat !, Bravest Warriors and Adventure Time: Marceline & the Scream Queens
    Through the work, perhaps Dynamite has tried to “catch” the young readers hipsters and the like.
    I have not read it yet.
    Vampirella Vol. 3 1 $3.99 Dynamite 12,463
    Vampirella Vol. 3 2 $3.99 Dynamite 6,622
    Vampirella Vol. 3 3 $3.99 Dynamite 6,038
    Vampirella Vol. 3 4 $3.99 Dynamite 5,596

    Vampirella vol. 4 by Paul Cornell
    I have no idea of the “feeling” and I do not even know who the audience is watching;I have not read it yet.
    Vampirella 1 $3.99 Dynamite 16,954
    Vampirella 2 $3.99 Dynamite 10,414
    Vampirella 3 $3.99 Dynamite 9,577
    Vampirella 4 $3.99 Dynamite 8,645
    Vampirella 5 $3.99 Dynamite 7,666

    I imagine that Dynamite, in trial and error (more mistakes in fact) is trying to find a niche sales to license products (or license for the cinema)

    • You will like the Masters Series and the Warren Archives. For the Masters Series, I thought they did a really good job of picking well-written and drawn stories.

      Vampirella’s history is definitely confusing. Her story has been rebooted/retconned too often to have any kind of real continuity. I will work on putting something together to serve as a guide for newer readers. In my opinion, it is best to start with the Warren stories. Even though the Warren run ended in the 80’s, that is still considered “the” Vampirella by most fans.

      Vampirella is a niche character, so she is not likely to ever sell in numbers like you see with more mainstream characters. I’m not sure how well a title must sell for Dynamite to consider it viable, but I do think they absolutely need the core fans who have been following the character for years. Right now they are alienating those fans and putting all their eggs in the new reader basket. I’m all in favor of trying new things, but there are less heavy-handed ways of doing that than what we’ve seen recently.

  3. Well… there was that one time in Warren Vampirella #42 “Mountain of Skulls” where she slow kissed another woman on the lips. (And with the narrator and other characters acknowledging the “bond”…)

    So, while classic Vampirella might not quite be LGBT, she is certainly open to it.

    • Fair enough. I didn’t really read that as a romantic/lustful gesture but I could be wrong. I don’t think there’s anyone that really agrees with me on this topic, so that should probably tell me something. 😆

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