Review: Vampirella #4

At this point I may sound like a broken record, but I once again have to give the latest issue of Christopher Priest’s Vampirella a glowing review. In issue 4 Priest continues to give us answers (or partial answers) while also making us ask more questions. We get to know a few of the new characters better in this issue, and we start to see how they relate to Vampirella.

At the beginning of the issue we learn that Vampirella has a bit more of a “personal” relationship with one of the Six Marys. I’m guessing this explains why she consistently defends Vampirella when the other nuns express their misgivings about her. Priest only touches on this here so I’m sure there’s more to learn in future issues.

The other character that gets fleshed out a bit is Benny who we’ve only briefly met previously. Here, he joins Vampirella and Victory for drinks and we get to see a little of his personality. While Vampirella seems a bit put off by him, he ultimately inspires (or shames) Vampirella to commit a heroic act which exposes her to the public at large.

This issue begins to tie a few things together and by next issue I think many of these plot threads will become ore intertwined. As I mentioned above, Priest does a good job of giving us just enough answers while also raising more questions to keep us engaged.

I again enjoyed Ergun Gunduz’ art, which has been very consistent. I particularly enjoyed the facial expressions he drew for Vampirella when she was talking to Benny. They do a great job of conveying her attitude toward him.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next issue to see what twists and turns come next. If you’re reading the book, what are some of the open questions you’re most looking forward to getting answers to?

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