Review: Vampirella #3

Dynamite released issue #3 of Christopher Priest’s Vampirella #3 on Wednesday. I didn’t get a chance to read it until Friday, but it was worth the wait! Priest continues to deliver an interesting and thought-provoking narrative for the Daughter of Drakulon.

This issue differs from the previous installment in that it doesn’t feature the same amount of action. The focus here is on the relationship between Vampirella and her mother, Lilith. The book opens with Vampirella narrating one of her past missions for the Catholic Exorcism Initiative Office, which ends with her sustaining serious injuries. Her mother then arrives on the scene to pride aid, which segues back to the present as she joins Vampirella and Dr. Chary. One thing that Priest does very well in this issue is bring in things from Vampirella’s past to establish that this story takes place in the same world, same universe as the Vampirella comics we’ve read before. I think sometimes the various Vampirella runs have tended to ignore the past which made it feel like there wasn’t much continuity from one volume or creative team to another. The opening scene here features Vampirella in her costume from Dynamite’s third volume of Vampirella and during the therapy session we see a flashback to Drakulon when the Earth astronauts arrive. This is a nice touch that connects Priest’s Vampirella with the stories of the past.

Towards the end of the issue, we meet back up with the Six Marys who we first met last issue. This short scene further emphasizes the fact that some of the Marys are highly suspicious of Vampirella. This is causing some dissension within the group, and it feels like Priest is foreshadowing some kind of significant conflict between the Marys and with Vampirella in future issues. I really like this religious special ops group that he’s created and I hope they’ll have a big part in this story as it goes forward. It’s an interesting concept and I also love the character designs for these militant nuns.

On the art side, Ergün Gündüz continues to deliver great artwork on this book. I feel like he excels the most on the action sequences. Because the action is thinner in this issue, he doesn’t have as many opportunities to shine, but there are still plenty nice visual moments. The panels showing Vampirella and Lilith’s encounter after Vampirella has been injured are my favorites. His handling of the Drakulon scene was also a high point for me.

Hopefully you enjoyed the issue as much as I did, but I’d love to hear any opinions you might have on the issue or the series this far. I really like how Priest is crafting and developing this story. The pacing is very good – it isn’t rushed but it also doesn’t feel draggy or decompressed. The next issue is due out on October 16, so be sure to pick it up!



  1. Very welcome news that Priest is attempting to maintain continuity here, something that’s been sometimes sadly lacking in the past. I really look forward to picking up this trade.

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