Review: Vampirella #11

After the excellent Vampirella #10, I knew issue 11 had a tough act to follow. It was a good issue, but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t build on the intensity of the previous issue. In comparison, #11 has virtually no action. Pretty much the entire issue is just characters talking, which is fine, but with the story arc nearing it’s conclusion I’m not sure this is the best time to “take a breath.”

The issue begins with a very…um…”intimate” moment between Von Kreist and the Blood Red Queen. At the end of this scene, Von Kreist makes the odd revelation that he loves Vampirella. He says “I don’t delude myself, Queen. I know I will never have her. Therefore, let her suffer as I suffer.” I wasn’t expecting that one, so it will be interesting to see where that goes.

We also see what transpires at the meeting between Lilith and Victory which we previously caught a glimpse of. Lilith is trying to turn Victory against Vampirella. She also apparently turns Victory into a Vampire with a bite to the neck while dubbing her “Draculina.” Later in the issue we Lilith tutoring Victory in the ways of the Vampiri.

It also becomes clearer that Lilith is the mastermind behind the plot against Vampirella including the plane crash. I think we pretty much saw that coming, but this issue brings it into the light a bit more.

I originally thought this arc was supposed to run 12 issues, but based on the solicitations we can see it is running to at least issue 14. I think maybe they aren’t counting the two Tortuga issues as part of this story because the title page says “Seduction of the innocent book nine.” That would make it 12 issues by number 14. Either way, we’re very close to seeing where all of this ends up!

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