Review: Vampirella #10

It’s been a long wait for Vampirella #10, but it was completely worth it. This was maybe my favorite issue so far. An intense, gritty issue and all around satisfying read. 

In the previous issue, Mary Shelly was murdered by the other Mary’s for her relationship with Vampirella. This issue mainly deals with the aftermath of that murder and how Vampirella responds to it. Reading this issue made me realize I must have misinterpreted one of the events in issue 9. In that issue I thought it was implied that Victory killed the nuns when she found Shelly dead at their feet. We later saw her covered in blood and holding the same knives that the nuns had. But in issue 10 it shows the Mary’s fleeing from Victory. We also see in this issue that it is Vampirella that avenged Shelly’s death by hunting the other nuns and knocking them off one by one. That whole sequence is done to perfection – writing, art, colors. A very intense scene that really conveys Vampirella’s rage and pain.

We also get to see Vampirella’s interactions with Drake and Victory after the plane crash. This is when Victory first learns that Vampirella survived and Benny was killed in the crash. Although Vampirella takes responsibility for Benny’s death, saying she killed him. Technically true, but she only did it so he wouldn’t suffer in the crash.

As we near the conclusion of this story, it looks like we will see more from Vampirella’s enemies in issue 11. Since they had a hand in putting these events in motion it will be interesting to see their reactions, what else they may have in store, and how Vampirella responds.

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