Review: Red Sonja and Vampirella Meet Betty and Veronica #1

Last week saw the release of the first issue of Red Sonja and Vampirella Meet Betty and Veronica written by Amy Chu with Maria Sanapo on art duties. Vinicius Andrade and Taylor Esposito contributed colors and letters, respectively.

This is obviously one of the oddest mash-ups Vampirella has been a part of so far, so I had no idea what to expect. It actually felt surprisingly more similar to a “typical” Vampirella story than I ever would have guessed. It kind of makes sense considering Chu’s recent run on Red Sonja which took place in modern times for a good chunk of the run and was very good (check it out if you haven’t already). One thing that surprised me was how they explained Vampirella and Red Sonja being together in the same time period. Which is to say they didn’t explain it at all! Red Sonja was just there and she and Vampi teamed up before meeting Betty and Veronica. I was expecting some kind of time travel event, but that didn’t happen, or at least wasn’t shown. I actually like this approach quite a bit. This is intended to be a fun read featuring four classic characters that don’t normally share a universe, so it doesn’t really matter how it came to be. I feel like any explanation would probably be a waste of pages.

The two heroes find themselves investigating a murder in Riverdale, which leads them to the city morgue. Vampirella suspects that the Cult of Chaos is behind it. While there, they meet Betty and Veronica who are also investigating the death of the Riverdale High teacher. Naturally the four team up to get to the bottom of it. Betty and Veronica help the two heroes go “undercover” at Riverdale High, which allows for some humorous lighthearted moments as they struggle to assimilate to the new environment. The issue ends with another layer being added to the mystery as another death is uncovered, apparently at the hands of the Cult of Chaos.

This is a strong start and I have no doubt the series will continue on that trajectory. I’ve wanted to see Amy Chu write Vampirella for a while now, and although this isn’t a “normal” Vampirella book I’m still excited to see what she does with the character. I also have to mention Sanapo’s art, which I’m a big fan of. Loved her Vampirella in the Valentine’s Day Special and couldn’t be happier to see her back on this one. If you’re ok with an off-beat, more lightheated Vampirella story, you definitely need to check this one out!

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