Review: Pathfinder: Woldscape – Vampirella One Shot

To begin with, I should probably say I know absolutely nothing about Pathfinder. Nevertheless I had to read it since it crosses over with Vampirella. I’ll pretty much just stick to what I do know in this review and focus on Vampi.

This book really surprised me. I knew ahead of time that it would feature Pendragon and Draculina, but I was caught off guard when another character from the Warren days made an appearance. Vampirella’s nemesis from Warren’s Vampirella #112, the Walker of Worlds, is here as well. They even directly reference the events of issue 112. The Walker of Worlds was a character who used floating eyeballs to create portals to other worlds/dimensions. He once tried to win Vampirella’s love by sending his competition, Adam van Helsing, to another planet.

In this issue, the Walker teleports Vampirella and Pendragon to Drakulon which has been reborn thanks to the Blood Queen. Here Vampirella comes into conflict with Draculina and the Pathfinder characters Seltyiel and Seoni. When the Blood Queen emerges from the river of blood, Pendragon and the Walker escape through a portal. The Queen then uses Vampirella and Draculina to drain the blood of Seltyiel and Seoni, turning them into Vampires. Usually Vampirella is said to not have the ability to turn individuals she bites into Vampires, but oh well. I guess we could write this off as having something to do with some sorcery on the part of the Blood Queen. Yeah, that’s it.

The story is continued in the Pathfinder: Worldscape – Swords of Sorrow one shot, which I also read. It doesn’t really have a whole lot to do with Vampirella so I’m not sure if I’ll review that one or not. Despite enjoying the connection to the Warren continuity, I can only really say this book was average at best. The story didn’t really grab me and the art was serviceable but nothing to really make me look twice.

One last interesting note on the Warren issue that is referenced here. The cover features a closeup portrait of Vampirella surrounded by eyes. This was painted by Enric Torres, but he also did another unused Vampirella painting which I’ve always assumed was intended for this story. You can check that out below along with a few shots from the interior of the Pathfinder one-shot.



  1. I am a fan of Vampirella and I found good your site.
    But the work of the staff that Dynamite hired is a drug!
    Plot is rubbish, art sucks. I thought it would get a little less bad with Harris leaving, but this is bad anyway.
    You only save the statues lately! Poor Vampirella… lacks an enlightened soul that creates a fantastic, intelligent world for her.

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