Review: Mamegyorai Vampirella Statue

After being delayed a few times, I finally received my Vampirella statue by Mamegyorai a few days ago, and it was definitely worth the wait.

I really can’t say enough good things about this piece. It is virtually identical to the prototype images that were released. Very often the prototype images look absolutely flawless, but the actual production pieces don’t live up to that level of perfection. That is not the case with this piece. The sculpt, the paint, everything is spot on.

This statue has a few qualities that I feel make it stand out from other Vampirella statues that have been released. Most of the statues we’ve seen in the past feature “museum” poses, particularly those with her arm outstretched with a bat. Those poses are iconic and very Vampirella, but it’s nice to see something a bit different here. First, the pose has a lot more motion to it, as she appears to be in mid-stride rather than in a stationary pose. She also is holding a skull with a snake inside it rather than the usual bat.

Another thing that really struck me about this statue is the quality of the skin/flesh areas of the figure. Human skin, especially light skin, has a translucent quality to it, which allows what lies below (ie blood) to affect the color of the skin. Somehow they have captured that on this statue. I don’t know if is the material they used or the paint application, but it really looks like convincing flesh, not just Caucasian flesh-colored paint. I don’t know that this will really come across in the pictures, but it is really beautiful in person.

I also love the base of this statue. It’s interesting and detailed, but it’s subdued enough that it doesn’t detract from the figure at all. Part of this is because it isn’t very high. One the issues I had with the Sideshow statue that was based on the artist Artgerm’s work was the base. The base was lovely, but it was way too tall in my opinion. The base essentially had a second base for itself, making it really high. If they had just stuck to the graveyard portion, I think it would have been better. No such problem with this base.

If I had to say something negative about this statue, I could really only think of two minor things. One is that her collar is gray, when it should be white. An odd choice, but I’m sure there was some rational behind that choice. The overall color of this piece is somewhat subdued, so maybe they thought a stark white collar would stand out too much. The second issue I have also has to do with color. I would have preferred if the hair was darker. To me the hair is tad too light, leaning more towards a charcoal gray than really black. Like I said, these are minor things and don’t really detract at all from the quality of the statue.

This statue is a bit pricey for it’s size, but the quality of it is superb, so I’m not complaining. If you compare this to the Women of Dynamite statue based on J. Scott Campbell’s art and it’s price, this one doesn’t seem quite so high.

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