Review: Kiss/Vampirella #4 (spoilers)

Dynamite released the penultimate issue of Kiss/Vampirella yesterday. This issue was basically setting up the climactic final battle, which one assumes will occur in the final issue. There were quite a few things that happened here, but it didn’t really move the plot ahead much. Again, it really felt mostly like setup to me.

Vampirella saves Kiss from the evil music executives that were revealed at the end of issue 3, which wins them over to her side. It’s also revealed that the rest of the members of her band are also monsters of various types, and Vampi’s friend Lily is a witch. Together they all hatch a plan, but we have to wait until the final issue to see it put into action.

One thing I noticed was a panel that I think is supposed to be a homage to a panel in Warren’s Vampirella #1. I could be wrong about this, as the two images are quite different but similar too. It was actually Vampirella’s words that made me think of this. She says “this reminds me of home,” which made me think about what Drakulon looks like. The first thing that popped into my mind was the panel from Vampirella #1 below.  Take a look at the two images and see what you think. Am I reading too much into it?



  1. I can see the similarity but since we’ve not seen any other eater eggs or homages to warrens vampi n this run I’d guess it was a lucky accident. I’m curious as to why bother to set this story in 1974 at all? The art doesn’t match the time period.

    • It seems like I read that they chose the time period so that it would be set during a time before Kiss were mega stars. If so, that’s fine, but it doesn’t make sense to try to shoe horn this into the Warren continuity by saying Vampirella has been on Earth for 5 years (1969 arrival, the same year as Vampirella #1).

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