Preview of Dynamite’s Vampirella #0 for Free Comic Book Day

As you may know, Dynamite is releasing Vampirella #0 for Free Comic Book Day this year. The issue will serve as an intro to the new Vampirella volume that will begin this summer. They’ve released a few pages of art from the book that I want to take a look at here.

The previous solicitation that I posted for this issue didn’t explicitly identify Christopher Priest as the new writer, but rather listed him along with all of the other writers who’s work is being reprinted in this issue. However, now Bleeding Cool is reporting that he is the writer of the new story. Interestingly enough, I haven’t seen the art team identified anywhere. You can see the artists signature on one of the preview pages, but I can’t really read it. If anyone knows who the artist is, please fill me in! In the meantime, I’ll see if I can reach out to Dynamite for that info.

I really have no idea what to make of this preview. I’ve got no clue what direction Dynamite/Priest might take with this series, and this preview underscores that fact. One thing I’ve learned over the last several years is that Dynamite is totally unpredictable with what they do with Vampirella. Conventional wisdom would say that with this being Vampirella’s 50th anniversary year, her flagship title would be traditional Vampirella but who really knows.

The preview starts out with some panels of a nightstand and a room with a man and woman asleep in bed. The scene then switches to a bathroom with a girl in what appears to be a homemade Vampirella costume applying makeup. The second page shows another panel of the girl followed by scenes from a party with a woman dressed in a black version of Vampirella’s costume like Draculina wears. The last panel shows her either kissing or biting another girl’s neck. I don’t know if this character is a Vampire, but the scene definitely looks like a typical vampire bite. However, on the next page we can see the girl’s neck and there are no bite marks. The woman in black sits on an ottoman in the middle of the room while the party continues around her. The final page of the preview goes back to the girl in the bathroom who looks into the mirror and sees a reflection of Vampirella. The reflection is a recreation of the famous poster collaboration between Jose Gonzalez and Enric Torres Prat.

So again, I have no idea what this might be about. I get the feeling that the woman in black is a villain but we’ll just have to wait and see. The artwork isn’t the style I would choose first for a Vampirella book, but it does look pretty good here. The true test will be to see how the artist draws Vampirella herself. I can think of several occasions where I’ve seen an obviously talented artist work on a title but they just don’t seem to get Vampirella’s look right. Maybe I’m too picky and hard to please, but based on what I see here, the artist should be able to pull it off just fine.

If you have any thoughts on this preview or if you think I may have missed something important I’d love to hear from you! You can check out all of the preview pages below:


  1. Has Dynamite backed off on having Vampirella as a LGBTQ Charactor and returned her to her straight self? As a Longtime Reader and Fan since the 1970’s, it’s had me consider just making it to Vampirellas’ 50th year, with me dropping out as a reader, after that last 12 issue debacle with Vampirella “coming out”… 🙁 Can’t they leave some things, some fantasies well enough alone these days?

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