How Politics Are Ruining Comics – Part 1

This post is more about comics in general rather than being Vampirella-specific, but I think it’s a topic that is only going to become more relevant as time goes on. Politics in comics. Anyone else sick of it? I really don’t want to get political here, so let me say I’m not trying to espouse any kind of ideology here. I simply don’t care for politics of any kind in my comics, but today we’re being inundated with it.

I know a lot of people who are in favor of the current political nature of comics say “comics have always been political,” and then they throw up a picture of Captain America punching Hitler. Yeah, I guess you could call that political, but it certainly wasn’t controversial then and it isn’t now. The problem with the politics in comics today is that it’s so one sided. The comics creators live in a political echo chamber because they are all of the left/liberal persuasion. Because everyone around them agrees with them, they fell emboldened to insert all of their political beliefs into their work. What they fail to realize is that this country (the United States) is pretty much split 50-50 politically.

I don’t have any stats to back this up, but from my experience comics fans seem to represent a pretty good cross section of America when it comes to politics. I don’t see comic book readers as mostly liberal or mostly conservative – it’s a pretty good mix. This is in great contrast to the people who make the comics. Why in the world they would want to alienate a large portion of their readers is beyond me. I guess some people just can’t resist the opportunity to express their politics, and this usually comes in the form of bashing the side they disagree with.

Marvel is probably the worst offender. To illustrate how blatant it is, remember when Barack Obama was elected? Marvel honored him in their comics. He “guest starred” in their books. They fawned over him. Now we have Donald Trump, and I can’t even count how many books (Marvel and all the rest) have a Trump caricature character or a character who is supposed to be some kind of unflattering metaphor for Trump. It’s old, it’s tired, it’s not cute, it’s not creative, and it’s BORING.

Over the weekend on Twitter there was apparently some sort of dust-up between a bunch of comics creators and some YouTube comics reviewer who is critical of the social justice movement that Marvel is entrenched in. So now we have creators going after fans. I saw our old pal Chris Sebela retweet something about how these critical fans don’t know what they’re talking about (we already knew about his disdain for fans). Now apparently there is some private Facebook group where these pros were discussing how they want to stop these kinds of fans from comic to Cons. They disagree with the creators’ ideology, so therefore they must be silenced.

Nobody wants this kind of junk. Comics are supposed to be fun – an escape from reality – but these creators just have to drag their divisive politics into our comics and get everyone stirred up. Wouldn’t it be better if we just left our politics at home and just enjoyed some fun comics? Does anyone actually get more enjoyment out of comics due to them commenting on politics and current events? I seriously doubt it.

I’ll be posting part 2 on this topic soon, where I’ll look at another aspect of how politics and ideology are ruining comics.


  1. You are spot-on with this. I am so tired of these socialists and PC-Nazis’ running the comic book world that I actually just cancelled all my subscriptions today. Let me give you a example in case you haven’t read this nut cases twitter account. Try Sarah Brunstad..she describes herself as a Feminist, Novelist, Queer-ist and Associate Editor at Marvel Comics. In one of her stupidity spewing rants she says the following “It’s dangerous for me to visit the south. I come back all pissed off about lack of common decency. YOU CAN SAY “THANK YOU,” YOUNG MAN.”

    Are you kidding me..this bitch lives in new york. I’ve been to many states in the south and new york. People in the South are very polite people, where new yorkers are just complete self absorbed assholes. Well you know…people like Sarah Brunstad. The more of these worthless sacks of human debris we can out the better. Can’t wait for part two. Just keep hitting the truth and maybe she and others can start looking for new jobs some day. Sorry to offend any good new yorkers…but there can’t be many…you elected a literal card carrying communist as mayor.

    • Perfect example of what I’m talking about. It drives some people away and it doesn’t draw anyone in. The comics industry needs all the readers it can get. This political stuff is nothing more than an exercise in self-indulgence on the part of writers.

      And yes, you will definitely want to check out part two.

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