Original Art By Enric Torres Prat

I did something a bit crazy recently. I bought a piece of original Vampirella artwork by Enric Torres Prat. If you aren’t familiar with Enric, he is considered by most to be the quintessential Vampirella cover artist for his work on the original Warren series.

The piece I purchased isn’t something he did for a Vampirella comic, but was rather commissioned by the previous owner. It’s approximately 19 x 27.5 inches painted in oil on canvas. It’s wonderful to be able to see the original art in person to get a better feel for the artist’s style and working methods. I’ve included a few detail images in the gallery below that will hopefully give you an idea of what his work looks like up close. I had never seen one of his original paintings in person before. For me the most impressive parts of the painting are the eyes and mouth. Both are of course very realistic but the brushwork is still somewhat loose and painterly. It reminds me a bit of the style of the Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens.

Enric’s work was what initially piqued my interest in Vampirella and his version of the character is what I always picture in my mind when thinking about the character. He’s without a doubt my favorite Vampirella artist so owning a piece of his work is a huge thrill and something I never thought would happen.

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