No Vampirella for February?

Today Bleeding Cool shared an exclusive first look at Dynamite’s Women of Dynamite titles for February. Unfortunately, when I took a look at the previews there was no Vampirella. Vampirella is usually included under the Women of Dynamite umbrella, so I’m assuming this means there won’t be any new issues of the series released that month.

As you know, I haven’t been exactly crazy over the Vampirella series, but I do look forward to each new issue. I figure we’re one issue closer to the character being restored to her proper glory every time a new issue is released. Thus, I want more new issues as fast as I can get them!

If you’re interested in any of the other books (Dejah Thoris, Barbarella, Red Sonja, etc), head over to Bleeding Cool and check out the previews. Some pretty good looking cover art for these books.


  1. Definitely strange that Vampirella would be missing. Would they be behind because of the new Barbarella and Dejah Thoris series coming out? Don’t know. But I agree..the faster this run of Vampirella gets done the better. Really excited to see how Dynamite has destroyed the Dejah Thoris costume. From the most of the covers it looks like they stole the Wonder Woman costume and made it metal. Oh well, looks like another Dynamite book I won’t be purchasing.

    • I had added Dejah Thoris and Barbarella to my pull list when they were announced, but I ended up dropping them and some other titles a few weeks ago. Tired of buying books that disappoint me. I’d rather spend that money on back issues.

      • I can understand that. With back issues your not giving any money to the comic publishers but your still supporting your local comic shop.

    • So you think 11 (January) is the end of the volume? That would certainly explain no issue in February. I don’t care whether they end the volume or hand it over to a new creative team. Just please, Dynamite, rethink what you’re doing at the conclusion of this arc and come back with something we recognize.

      • Looks like Mandy is correct. Comixology shows Vampirella #11 (of 11). Maybe that little firing at Marvel will have other Executive Editors rethinking the way they treat long time fans and characters in the next run.

        • Dynamite does seem to be swimming against the current somewhat. First we had DC Rebirth, then Marvel Legacy, while Dynamite is still trying to push this new Vampirella. That’s not to mention what they did with their Gold Key characters who all got race and/or gender swapped.

  2. Dynamite senior editor Joe Rybandt mentioned at the Boston Comic Con that they are going back to a more traditional feel…..hopefuly that means we will get classic vampirella back!!!!!!

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