New Writer’s Commentary from Paul Cornell and Jeremy Whitley

You know, I keep telling myself I’m going to stop harping on this stuff, but we got some low hanging fruit today…

Bleeding Cool has posted a Writer’s Commentary from Paul Cornell and Jeremy Whitley for Vampirella #7. Nothing too exciting in it, but I did want to throw one little tidbit from Mr. Cornell at you:

Page 4:
I appreciated the chance to throw some shade at that silly costume directly.

And there you go. Of course you know which costume he’s talking about. I’m not going to comment on this in depth here because I’m going to have another post up dealing with this and some other things very shortly. I just find it astounding that Dynamite has given the Vampirella reigns to three straight writers who either just don’t like Vampirella or have some sort of issue with the character. This is so stupid, I have a hard time believing it.

Anyway, check out the article at Bleeding Cool if you’d like to read the rest. And check back soon for my next post where I’ll take a step back take a look at the big picture of what’s been going on with Vampirella for the last year or so.


  1. It’s pretty much what we expect from Dynamite and their third rate writers and artists. Cornell is a half-wit Brit with absolutely no true talent. But he is politically correct and whipped by pc fascist society so that makes him a perfect candidate to author a now failing title for a failing company. Harris comics crashed and burned despite giving readers what they wanted. Dynamite is a sinking ship and we all know it. We just need to stop buying their comics and (sorry to say) stop promoting them in blogs. Let them die their death, hope a new or less hateful, less bigoted company picks up Vampirella’s rights and maybe we can get back to what Vampirella was meant to be. This may take a decade but I don’t need Cornell or Dynamite’s vision of Vampirella.

    I cancelled all of my comics a few weeks ago and no longer buy new issues. Even received a very hateful phone call from my local comic store owner about it. Told him his anger was directed at the wrong person….he should be calling the publishers of the comics not his ex-customers. The new snowflakes are causing a huge problem for Local comic shops and they don’t care. It feels better to hate and change a characters history than sell books.

    I know you want your next blog to be about Vampirella in the last year or so. But maybe it should be more of a eulogy for Vampirella. A story of a fantastic wonderful life that brought joy to millions. When a murdered person is laid to rest the eulogy never includes the names of those who murdered that person. in my opinion, Dynamite and Vampirella should never be mention together again. Dynamite and Cornell are no better than a person who blames a woman for being raped because of the clothes she was wearing. Now Mr. Cornell…that’s how you throw shade.

    Sorry Pendragon, but I can only tell the truth in my own way. Never mean to bring too much anger into my responses but…well…I think you get me.

    • I hear you. I’m all in favor of using the power of the purse. No need to spend your hard earned money on something you don’t enjoy.

      I know I mentioned this a long time ago and haven’t followed through yet, but I am going to be doing a series of posts on the Warren issues, starting with #1. I’m hoping it will draw a sharp contrast with what we’re currently getting. If nothing else, it will give me something GOOD to write about rather than griping all the time.

      Speaking of another company taking over Vampirella, I’ve always wondered what Dark Horse would do with the character. I haven’t read many of their books other than Conan, but I just get the idea that they would do it right.

      • Dark Horse did a really nice Red Sonja/Conan mini-series back in 2015. They would probably do a nice job.

        Get a good writer and artist that like Vampirella and put them together with the freedom that a company like Zenescope could provide and you might have something amazing.

        Honestly, my dream team for Vampirella would be Broadsword comics. You get Jim Balent and Holly G. They know how to write horror comics and draw women. If you’ve read a issue of Tarot…you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t be aware. I don’t think they have a P or a C on any keyboard in their studio. Each issue is a celebration of beautiful women, men, monsters, love, humor and great art.

        Hey! A positive comment from me. That makes #1.

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