New Photos of the Mamegyorai Vampirella Statue

I came across some new photos of the new Vampirella statue from Mamegyorai the other day. These were posted by an reviewer. As far as I know, this statue is not available here in the US until the end of this month. The reviewer noted that they didn’t get the statue from Amazon, where it is available for pre-order, but from another company. My understanding is you can actually get statues like this one and others made by Japanese companies like Mamegyorai and Kotobukiya earlier if you order them from vendors in Japan and maybe other Asian countries. So I’m assuming that’s what this reviewer did.

It’s great to see some in-hand photos of this piece. These types of pictures usually give us a better idea of what the statue actually looks like than the prototype statues which always have perfect paint jobs and lighting. I have to say, this one really looks great to me. Love the pose, especially the skull with the snake (I think that part may have been based on a Jenny Frison cover). A nice change from the bat that we see so often. If these all turn out as well as this one looks, I think Dynamite and Mamegyorai will have hit a home run. Check it out and see for yourself:



  1. Love the statue. Just so expensive at $249.00 (from Dynamite) for a 1/6th scale statue. However they really did a nice job with this statue.

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