New Jose Gonzalez Vampirella Statue

I recently speculated about the possibility of a Vampirella statue Kickstarter based on the art of Jose Gonzalez. Today Dynamite announced that we’re are indeed getting just that. You can check out the Kickstarter page here where you can learn more about the project and make a pledge.

The piece will be based on the iconic image of Vampirella with a bat on her finger which was featured on posters and the cover to Vampirella #19. To get the statue, you need to pledge at least $190 which is a discount rate compared to what the suggested retail price will be. In addition, you also receive a new enamel pin based on the same artwork and a digital graphic novel. If you plan to get the statue, doing it through the Kickstarter campaign is probably the best way to get the most bang for your dollar. There are many other tiers as well which feature rewards such as physical graphic novels, Vampirella Archives hardcovers, a black and white statue variant, a proof statue, etc.

The artwork for the statue is credited to Jose Gonzalez, but as most Vampirella fans probably know, this was actually a collaboration between two great Vampirella artists – Gonzalez and Enric Torres-Prat. Enric told the story this way in the book The Art of Vampirella: The Warren Years:

About the iconic Vampirella poster: Jose (Pepe) Gonzalez did the drawing and I painted it. I must state that I have never had any intention of talking about it, but now I think the time is right to do so. There are many crazy versions on this subject and I want to take this opportunity to shine some light on it. The idea came up because Jim Warren wanted to promote Pepe ans the illustrator of the Vampirella stories, and the best idea that he had was requesting Toutain to ask Pepe to create a color poster of the famous character. The problem was that Pepe had not mastered the art of painting. He almost exclusively used colored pencils and watercolors, but this work had to be done using oil paints, and therfore, he simply could not do it. It was Toutain, knowing that Pepe and I had collaborated on some pictures together in the past, who proposed to Warren that Pepe would do the drawing and I would do the color. Warren liked the idea and soon we got down to work. The only condition was that the artwork had to be signed by Pepe, because the idea was to promote him. This did not bother me at all. He chose the model (Carol De Haro) for posing and I took the photos. Then, he drew the preliminary sketch that Warren and Toutain corrected and approved before I created the finished painting. This kind of collaboration between artists was typical of the time, and at the agency, there were many artists who used to created artwork together.

You can check out some images of the statue below. I believe these are just digital 3D renderings at this point. I’ve also included an image of the new enamel pin.


  1. I wish I could afford this gorgeous statue. I still have the Frank Frazetta inspired lizard Vampi statue and the previous standing statues, but no room to display them, so they are packed away. At least I was able to pony up $20($17 plus $3 shipping) for the cloisonne pin set.

    • The cost of statues is getting ridiculous. I used to own the second Vampirella Premium Format Figure from Sideshow, but I ended up selling it because I didn’t really have room for it and I wasn’t crazy about having that much money tied up in something like that. Wait until after this statue has been released for awhile. You’ll probably be able to find a pretty good deal if you’re patient.

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