More Information About Upcoming Vampirella Series

In my last post about the new Frank Cho artwork, I mentioned there seemed to be some confusion about the writer for the upcoming Vampirella series. I’ve seen a few outlets reporting Christopher Priest as the writer for that book, but the solicitation for the Free Comic Book Day doesn’t actually say that. His name is listed alongside other writers who’s stories will be reprinted in the issue. So I decided to reach out to Dynamite for some clarification.

The creative team for the new series has not been announced yet. I don’t know who it will be, but this does cast that Frank Cho Facebook post in a new light. I had originally said if Priest was the writer of the new ongoing then the Tom Sniegoski series that Cho mentioned must be a mini series. It doesn’t look like that’s the case, so maybe the Sniegoski series is the ongoing? He’s a veteran Vampirella writer who would be perfect for an extended run.

Whoever the writer may be, Dynamite offered me a quote from him/her:

“Changing her clothes is not an answer. You either want to publish Vampirella or you don’t. This is who Vampirella is, so the challenge becomes how to develop this as a viable premise amid the heightened sensitivity and (appropriately) higher accountability and responsibility of today’s society.”

Sounds like someone who gets it to me. Based on this I think we can be confident that this won’t be another “reinvention” of the character. I do differ somewhat on the point of needing to make the costume a “viable premise.” I always thought the fact that she was an alien was a viable enough premise. She’s from another planet so why should we be surprised that she dresses differently. Of course there’s nothing wrong with offering another good explanation, but it’s just never been something I thought was necessary.

Let me know what you think about possible creators and the quote above!


  1. Whoever at dynamite responded back to you, contradicted themselves with that last sentence. To start by saying “You either want to publish vampirella, or you don’t?” OK well then to your point sir, viable premise should be an afterthought at best. Also those who have a so called “heightened sensitivity” wouldn’t be checking read a vampirella comic in the first place. What “higher responsibility or “accountability” are they referring to. You either want to entertain the reader or you don’t.

    • The quote is actually from the writer, who we now know is Christopher Priest, not anyone at Dynamite; they just sent the quote to me. But to your point, I essentially agree with what you’re saying. For me, the fact that Vampirella is an alien from another planet is all the explanation I need for why she dresses the way she does. Having said that, I would rather them offer an unnecessary “plausible” explanation for it than scrapping it altogether as has been tried several times in the last few years.

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