More Information About Rockin’ Jelly Bean Vampirella Statue from Mamegyorai

I don’t know how new this information actually is, but it’s definitely new to me. Mamegyorai has posted new pictures of their upcoming Vampirella statue based on the work of artist Rockin’ Jelly Bean. I’ve posted a few pictures below, but be sure to check out Mamegyorai’s site for many more.

Apparently this is available for pre-order from their site, but I haven’t seen it available for order from any North American dealers. If you know of one, be sure to let me know about it. Mamegyorai states that the release date is March 2018 and the statue stands 29cm (just under 12 inches). The cost is 22,000 yen, which is around 196 US dollars. I’ve mentioned it before, but this particular figure reminds me a lot of Jose Gonzalez’s Vampirella from the Warren years. I really hope this will be available in the US soon. I believe Sideshow has been a US distributor for other pieces in this line (Invisible Woman, Mystique) in the past, so it might be worth keeping an eye on them.

As always, I’ll let you know if I get any additional information.

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