Jeremy Whitley Confirms Vampirella’s New Love Interest

In my review for Vampirella #7, I noted that it appeared Vampirella would be entering in to a same-sex romantic relationship with Vicki, though the issue didn’t quite come right out and say it. Writer Jeremy Whitley has now confirmed that in an interview with Comicosity. Here are some excerpts:

MS: One of the things about Vampirella that always strikes me — and it’s handled well to varying degrees depending on the creative team — is this idea of being sexual without being objectified. A sexuality with full agency. What’s your vision for that idea of her owning her sexuality?

JW: I think sometimes, especially for people in comics, it seems like a difficult distinction to make. I think a lot of it depends not just on the writer, but on the artist. Because a lot of the difference between having a character that owns their sexuality and has agency, and having one that is objectified, is the way they are physically depicted on the page.

That’s one of the things I talked with Andy about, is getting that right. When we do deal with sexiness or sexuality with Vampirella, it’s making it about what she’s doing, not how we’re framing it. I think that goes a long way.

I also think that our situation is unique, because we’re working with one particular relationship for Vampirella in the book. She’s going to have her own steady girlfriend in the book, so she won’t be set up to seduce every other person that pops up on the page.

MS: Tell me more about Vampirella’s girlfriend!

JW: It’s someone we’re picking up from Paul’s run. The character’s name is Vicki. She acts sort of like the sidekick character to date, and looking at what Paul was doing, I picked up some subtle — and maybe not so subtle — stuff he was doing with her. One of the standard set-ups for a Vampirella story is Vampirella + a sidekick + a love interest.

In this case, it’s one character who develops from being a sidekick pulled into the undertow of Vampirella’s crazy world and gets her life ruined, but ends up sticking with her. Vicki comes out the other side as a relationship that’s really dependable, and develops pretty gradually through the entire series.

I love how he just mentions so nonchalantly that Vampirella will have a steady girlfriend. Like it should come as no surprise. Like she’s been an LGBT character since 1969. If you click over to Comicosity and read the full interview, you’ll see that Whitley is just another of these writers that has some kind of “problem” with Vampirella, and therefore has no interest in writing a book that is true to the character.

Dynamite is really losing it with Vampirella. Just when you think they’ve gone as far as they can go, they make the character even more unrecognizable. God only knows what they have in store next.


  1. Just had an hour long debate over this!!!!! It feels disingenous to me!!! I just have to realize this is only Vampirella in name only and let it go!!!!! Pendragon, there is a great vampirella group on Facebook and I’d love for you to contribute if your interested!!!????

  2. So I guess what he’s saying is that it’s okay if a woman is objectified as long as it’s only done by another woman? I can’t believe how sexually repressed this generation is. The new writers and publishers make the 1950’s look like a swingers club.

  3. I just finished reading a copy of Vampirella #7 and I finally get what Dynamite is doing. The answer is not in the Vampirella story itself but in the interview with Mike Carey the writer for the upcoming Barbarella book. He states that he will be transposing Barbarella’s feminism into a 21st century context where she doesn’t identify as straight anymore (sound familiar Vampi #7 readers). He bases his reasoning on a completely discredited study that says fewer than half of millennials would call themselves straight.

    This is more than Dynamite and their writers hating classic Vampirella. They hate everything classic. Because it doesn’t match their brainwashed naive vision of the world they want to live in. They are children that never grew up with brains that never developed to full maturity. They actually think that over 50% of teenagers are gay or bi-sexual. The question is…are they just stupid and think that playing to a imagined world where most people will soon be gay is a great business model or are they just trying to push some weird agenda on the readers?

    Sorry for bringing Barbarella to Vampirella party, but wow the future of Dynamite and Barbarella is starting to look like a dumpster fire with Mike Carey’s name written on the side of it.

    To the death of Dynamite..may it be soon and painful!

    • Thanks for posting that. I hadn’t read this interview, but I was planning to give the Barbarella book a shot, now I’m not so sure. My only experience with the character is from the Jane Fonda movie, but from the sound of it we won’t be getting anything similar to that. A shame, that Joe Jusko cover looked really nice too.

      I don’t understand where they get the idea that this kind of stuff is really what their readers want. Very strange.

  4. I’ve been a Fan of Vampirella for 40 plus years. This current version of Vampirella , is like a stake through the heart of one of my favorite all time female characters.Given the current political situation, why does this too, have to be contaminated by a certain agenda, that’s been pushed into our faces against our will as of late? I think I am going to finally stop reading Vampirella at last. At least Harris tried to bring her back, but they ran out of ideas, when they made her a soldier / slave to the catholic church(I did not care for that direction either). It seems that Vampirella has been caught into the toilet swirl along with the rest of the Comics industry at large to remake every character a Non White or LGBT one, As a Long time fan and reader of comics, they’ve lost me there, there is nothing for me to relate to any further…In the quest to make Vampirella “More Relevant” to Today’s climate, She has lost all relevance of being an escape for me to enjoy. Which is Reading abut her as a Figure in a Horror story, rather than a neo-political one. Dynamite has lost Vampirellas’ traditional audience with this version of her…

    • I feel your pain. The good news is that Dynamite appears to have left this approach in the rear view mirror, at least for now. The current mini series, Roses for the Dead, is a return to a more traditional interpretation of the character. I suspect that the upcoming team-up series with Dejah Thoris will be as well. With Vami’s 50th anniversary coming up, I’m expecting Dynamite to really do her justice.

  5. Did all the homophobe weirdos just have a mass ‘they’re trying to turn us all gay’ panic at the same time? You’re freaking out about a vomit book character. Get over your silly fucking prejudices and move on.

    • Hi Tim. You’ve misunderstood my objection to this. Sorry if I was unclear, that’s on me.

      It doesn’t have anything to do with homophobia or prejudices. My objection is that the characterization is inconsistent with 50 years of Vampirella comics. I understand some people don’t care about continuity like that, but I do.

      I had the most recent Batwoman volume on my pull list a few years ago. Good book. Noted LGBT character. If DC launched a new Batwoman series and she suddenly had a male love interest, I wouldn’t like that either. Just my opinion, nothing more.

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