Ethan Van Sciver Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Vampirella Cover

Comics creator Ethan Van Sciver has officially launched a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo for his exclusive Vampirella cover. The art will feature his creator-owned character Cyberfrog, which was published by Harris comics alongside Vampirella in the 1990s. This will be a variant of issue #1 of Vampirella vs Reanimator. You can check out the campaign here.

I think the art looks great (take a look below). Van Sciver has been a controversial figure in comics due to his political beliefs, but he is undoubtedly a top tier talent which shows on this cover. Having his name attached to this project will definitely draw more eyeballs to Vampirella that may not normally pay attention to the character. I think that’s a good thing regardless of what you think of the artist’s political opinions. When this was first announced there were some rumblings about people boycotting Dynamite comics unless they dropped Van Sciver, but it doesn’t look like Dynamite has any plans to cave.


  1. With Ethan Van Sciver promoting Vampirella #1 and his indiegogo cover for Vampirella vs Reanimator on his you tube channel sales have gone through the roof for Issue #1. Dynamite says there have been over 60,000 issues ordered and growing. When Van Sciver recommended ordering Vampirella #1 on his stream it shut down the Dynamite site. Nothing controversial about his political beliefs unless your part of the comic industry or a twitter freak, which is 99.9% liberal socialists. The majority of the country has no problem with his views. He has a huge, loyal fan base that had kept the industry alive until the SJW crowd took over. Maybe Dynamite decided they want to stay in business while the big two crumble. My only recommendation is lower the prices of the following issue to $2.99. That gives more incentive to pick up the a non #1 book.

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