Erik Burnham’s Writer’s Commentary for Savage Tales: Vampirella

Dynamite has provided Bleeding Cool with a writer’s commentary from Erik Burnham for Savage Tales: Vampirella. In it, he addressed one thing that I had wondered about when reading the comic. On one page Vampirella displays her wings to take flight. The next page shows her still in the air but without her wings. I rationalized it by assuming she retracted her wings while “off camera” while still in the air and was dropping to the ground. Apparently this was actually a mistake. Burnham’s explanation:


Vampirella with bat wings! Such a great image. It leads me to cop to something….

PAGE 10:

Where’d her wings go? The real answer is that it’s a hiccup of another artist helping out during a deadline crunch — and not seeing the script page about the wings — but I’m totally open to any no-prize explanations.

Check out the pages in question below:


  1. There were also the three pages where they forgot to draw her boots, the misspelling of a character’s name from one page to the next (Maryel becomes Mariel), and the incorrect balloon placements in one panel of a discussion between Vampi and Maryel’s mother. Combined with the missing wings, it just gives the appearance of a lack of editorial attention.

    The story was all right, but the cartoony art doesn’t appeal to me. If they’d used Lui Antonio, the artist on the “Valaka” reprint backup story, it would have been much better, considering he’d already drawn Valaka as a vampire woman in a Vampi-style outfit.

    • I didn’t notice the misspelling of the name, but you’re right, it does seem like it could have used another round of proofing. You wouldn’t think a short one-shot story would be that difficult to put together and release on time without needing fill-in artists and subpar editorial review.

      My preference for Vampirella is more traditional realistic art, but I do like seeing other styles occasionally. I thought this looked good.

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