Breaking Down the Vampirella Comic for FCBD

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to my local comic shop in time to pick up the free Vampirella book this past Saturday, but I have been able to read it so I’ll share my thoughts with you. It’s a very short preview of the upcoming series, coming in at 8 pages of story. Christopher Priest does a pretty good job of making you wonder where this is going without giving much of anything away. I’m going to get fairly detailed here, so stop reading if you don’t want anything spoiled!

The book opens with some pages we’ve already seen, but this time with text. A young girl is dressed up like Vampirella and looks like she’s getting herself ready to go out. She also interacts with a talking rat that she calls Stan. I have no idea what that’s all about – probably the weirdest part of the whole book. The story then cuts to a scene in West Hollywood, CA and we see a character in a black Vampirella costume. I get the feeling that she is in command of the people at the party or has them under a spell, real or figurative. Either way she seems to be in a position of power and confidence. We don’t get any clues as to her goals or motivation here, but she gives off a dangerous vibe to me. Maybe she’ll be an antagonist, but she could just as easily end up being an ally too.

The story then shifts to Atlanta, GA where Vampirella is reading about herself online. A blog article says she was in West Hollywood last night, which Vampi complains is not true. I’m assuming the article is alluding to the woman in the black costume. Apparently Vampirella has been trending on social media since she was in a plane crash. We then move into a flashback of that plane crash. The most interesting part of this flashback is at the end when Vampirella busts down the bathroom door to reveal a smiling Von Kreist inside. There’s no further explanation or context for this, but it’s a pretty good sign that Von Kreist will be an antagonist for Vampirella in some way during this run. I also wonder if this plane crash is in any way tied to the plane crash Vampirella was in early in the original Warren series. It doesn’t seem to be the same event, so it may just be a little callback to Vampirella’s early days for the 50th anniversary. We’ll see.

After the flashback, Vampirella is visited by a girl named Katie. I didn’t catch this until I read through it a second time, but this is the same girl from the opening page of the story who was dressed in a Vampi costume (the rat also addresses her as Katie). If you pay attention at the beginning, you can see her blonde hair peaking out from under her black wig. Apparently Katie is an obsessed fan who calls herself Vampirella’s disciple. The comic ends with Katie telling Vampirella, “I’m your disciple, Ella. Two ways that goes down. You’re gonna teach me or you’re gonna kill me.

As I already mentioned, this preview/prelude doesn’t really give anything away, which is a good thing, but it also gives you just enough to start asking questions and want to read more. I feel like this arc may deal more with Vampirella’s personal life than we’ve seen in a while. Establishing her in a world with a supporting cast and a life outside of fighting vampires and occult figures would be a great way to go in my opinion. It would help prevent her from becoming a one dimensional monster hunter type character.

Hopefully a lot of people will read this and continue to give it a shot with issue #1 and beyond. It looks like a series with a lot of promise so I’m really looking forward to the first issue hitting shelves. If you’ve read it, let me know what you thought!



  1. In the plane crash, why does she says she save that guy and instead takes his life away peacefully and snatches a pendant from his neck? At first instance, I thought she is weak or something but then she flies back towards the Lavatory. If she had the capacity to fly, why didn’t she stopped the Plane Crash in the first call. Or has the plane crash even occurred? Like the plane might have crashed but she saved all.

    • My reading of that was she knew he would die in the crash so she bit his neck thinking it would be a less painful death. Not sure about the pendant. Since there’s not much context, it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on. After that, I think she was probably leaping rather than flying. I’ve never known her to fly without her wings.

  2. I too missed that FCBD edition, so many thanks for the breakdown.

    Hmm. I have a question, have you ever known FCBD editions to be included in the subsequent series trades? Not just in relation to Vampi, but any character/publisher? I can’t think of one off the top of my head.

    • I can’t cite a specific example, but I would think FCBD issues would appear in trades. They also are usually released for free on Comixology at some point. Regarding the Vampirella issue specifically, the content may be straight out of one of the future issues of the series. I believe Christopher Priest said it took place around six issues into the series. So was the FCBD issue written specifically for FCBD or is it a direct excerpt from a future release? I’m not sure.

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