Andy Belanger Shares More Vampirella Interior Art

Andy Belanger has posted another piece of art from an upcoming issue of Vampirella on Instagram. He doesn’t mention which issue this will appear in, but I’m guessing it may be from issue #7 like the previous piece he shared. This looks like classic Vampirella stuff here – demons in a graveyard and Vampi battling a monster in her original costume. Take a look here:

One random thought I had – in the bottom panel, there is a dome-shaped building in the distance. When I saw that I immediately thought of Eternia from the original He-Man TV show.


  1. It looks all right, but that’s an Enrich painting (“Satisfaction,” posted on Comic Art Fans) you’re using in the header. It’s a little misleading, giving the impression that Belanger did it. And their styles aren’t even close.

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